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Consult our vibrant Real Estate Division. Whether it is a real estate sale, property lease, transactional matter, or complex litigation VMW LAW provides aggressive representation. Our work is extensive and success rate very high. Real estate clients benefit from our work in the area of bankruptcy,and  commercial transactions that impact real estate. Landlords don't have to struggle to pay their rent because of bad tenants. Call our Landlord/Tenant Division and let us aggressively pursue your rent and get bad tenants out. Call today for a free consultation. If you are a tenant having problems with your landlord, call us now. We may be able help. Without our effective  representation, the cost may not be as high as you think our other firms are telling you. Just give us a call.

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Real Estate Litigation

Winning complex cases in the court calls for aggressive representation and a great deal of determination. Effective litigation also requires the technical capacity to taken tough opponents and complex litigation. At VMW LAW we are equiped with the technical capacity to be effective and efficient. When Other lawyers say they need more time our rapid response may make the difference between winning and losing.


We are located in the heart of New York we are strategically situated to take on the financial institutions that may foreclose on your property. We will protect you from those who want to grab your property in a foreclosure sale. If you fear losing losing the property you acquired with your hard-earned dollar, you need aggressive legal representation.

Real Estate Resource Center

Whether you are a property owner, landlord, tenant, or real estate professional visit our real estate resource center. You may find useful information, forms, and basic guidlines at the resource center.

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Real estate could be a rewarding investment when you have the right attorney fighting on your side. Whether it is the terms of a lease, or a real estate sales contract you are negotiating, it pays to have attorneys that are result oriented. We have stopped many foreclosure sales and recovered property auctioned at foreclosure sale.